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Trail Horses


This is Belle our 1998 16 hand Belgian Mare. Belle came to us in an interesting way, she was going to be sent to slaughter, but the ASPCA noticed that she was being transported in an illegal manner, so she was seized. One of the officers knew of Mike, and that is how she came to The Red Buffalo Ranch. Although Belle is a small giant, she is gentle and docile. We use her for our larger riders that she carries with no complaint.


Bolt is perhaps the best horse that we own. He is a beautiful American paint, trained as one of the best trail horses one would like to ride. This horse is obedient intelligent and a dream to ride.


Cincinnati is a beautiful full blooded chestnut Egyptian Arabian. He was one of the finest endurance horses in the world. To his credit he has won the most prestigious old Dominion 100 mile race in 2005. As luck would have it Cincinnati was stricken with Lyme disease and as a result he is virtually blind. In spite of that he is still used as one of our lead horses. He is a spectacular horse.


Blackjack is a dark bay Arabian in his late teens. Blackjack is easily the favorite of our more experienced campers. Blackjack can be ridden by anyone, but he has a little bit of spunk when it comes to going fast, and he LOVES to jump. Our experienced campers love riding Blackjack because he is easy to handle but at the same time, he can keep up with their ability. Blackjack is a classic Arabian conformation. He has a dish face with soft eyes, and his tail is always held up high. His riding ability and his good looks are what make Blackjack another wonderful horse here at RBR.


Ducky is a six year old bay Thouroughbred. He is a very quiet and calm horse, and a favorite of many English riders.


Misty is a seven year old Rocky Mountain Horse with a beautiful unusual chocolate dapple coloring.


Leo is a five year old Rocky Mountain Horse. A beautiful chocolate roan that is curious, friendly and intelligent. We have great expectations for this young horse.


Houston is a gorgeous buckskin walking horse. He is a spectacular looking western horse. He is gentle and has a spirt that is admired by all!


Gunner is a large bay Appendix horse with a dorsal strip and zebra legs. He has a great quick walk and the spirit for those that like a lively horse.


Cee is Mike’s personal riding horse. He is a 7 year old American Paint horse and the strongest horse in the corral.


Lad is a 10 year old, roan, American Paint Horse. He is the half brother of our horse Cee. He is a quiet and gentle horse that has a great personality.


Star is an appendix horse and one of the most reliable western trail horse. He neck reins and is finely tuned. He is a favorite of any western rider. We would like to have a hundred of him.


A bay pony, the only pony that we have has a lot of spunk & vitality.


Strain is a handsome dark chestnut quarter horse. He neck reins on a dime and is just a terrific trail horse.


Tonka is a dark chestnut quarter horse. She is one of the strongest horses on the ranch.She is an amazingly trained western horse. Great for riders of all levels.


Storm is a chestnut, Tennessee Walking Horse. He has a great personality and is a wonderful trail horse.


Cosmo is a five year old roan paint, Tennessee Walking Horse. He is very well trained and has great energy.


Clio is an American Paint Horse. She is a quite young horse with great manners. She is perfect for riders of all levels.


Iris is a beautiful chestnut, American Quarter Horse. She is a well trained horse that just wants to please her rider. She has great strength and stamina. All around great horse.


Dudley is a 5 year old, chocolate Rocky Mountain horse. He is currently in training to be a responsible western trail horse. He is very intelligent and is picking up on the trails and training very quickly.


Raymond is a 19 year old, roan Quarter horse. He is a very quiet and gentle horse that provides a great ride. He has proven to be a great lesson horse in both English and Western disciplines.


Noble is a 10 year old, carmelo Rocky Mountain horse. She has a very smooth gait and her easy going temperament allows a rider of experience level to have an enjoyable ride. She has a great personality and just loves being around people.


Ranger is a 12 year old, liver chestnut Quarter horse. He is a perfectly trained western pleasure horse. He neck reins on dime and is great for any experience level. He is a fun loving horse who is a great asset to the ranch.


Breeze is a dapple grey,she is a half Arabian and half draft mare. She is a pleasure to ride on the trail and a skilled lesson horse. She has an over all great temperament and is a favorite of many at the ranch.

Endurance Race Horses


Mack is a five year old rose grey Arabian. He has been trained for endurance racing. He has recently completed his first 25 mile race with his rider Micheala Dielsi. He is a wonderful horse.


Comet is an 11 year old, grey Arabian horse. She has been trained in endurance racing. Comet and her rider Kelly Williams have competed in a 25 mile race placing 3rd and a 5O mile race also placing very well. They plan on doing more races throughout the year. Comet is a great horse who really wants to please her rider.


Chase is an 8 year old, bay Arabian. He is currently being trained for endurance racing by his rider, Jillian Huff. He has a great,curious and energetic personality. We have high hopes for this horse.