We offer horseback riding lessons at the rate of $40.00 per lesson. They are a half an hour long and are all solo lessons. Our students range from absolute beginners to more experienced equestrians. Students may start lessons at the age of 5.

Each student is different and learns at their own pace. After learning how to tack up their horse and the basics of riding, we will devise a lesson plan for each student. As riders advance they will learn more advanced skills

1. Walking

2. Trotting
  • Form 2-point
  • Sitting Trot
  • Posting Trot and posting on the correct diagonal
  • Balance exercises
  • Figure eights and changing direction
3. Cantering
  • Form
  • Balance exercises
  • Changing direction
  • Cantering on the correct lead
  • Lead changes

The Basics

After learning how to tack up, the student will learn the basics of riding. The basics include learning how to steer, stop, and go. We will also focus on balance and form. All exercises will be done at a walk until the instructor feels the student is ready to move on to a faster pace.